Bion Systems 2 Litre Pump-up Foam Applicator

Foam application is the quickest and most effective way of applying cleaning fluids. The Bion 2 litre Pump up foamer is perfect for small jobs where the bigger compressed air powered units are to big or can't be justified.

Benefits of Foam Application include:

  • Product hangs on vertical and overhead panels
  • Visual indication of coverage
  • Increased contact time, improving cleaning ability
  • Significant reduction of water and chemical usage
  • Reduces labour content



  • Remove top, add cleaning fluid and water in required proportions
  • Replace top and screw on firmly
  • Pressurise the tank by pumping approximately 20 to 25 times, or until it becomes difficult to pump.
  • To start foaming, point the wand assembly at the area you wish to foam and press down on the On/Off control to discharge foam.
  • Release On/Off control to stop foaming.
ec02000 is the Distributor for Bion Systems products

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